What is a Quest?

aQuest is a unique decentralized app that helps you earn cryptocurrency for completing a certain task. Companies that work with us and organize such Quests pay in advance, therefore we guarantee that you will receive your payment after finishing a task.

What is an AirDrop?

An airdrop is a distribution of a cryptocurrency token or coin, usually for free, to a large number of wallet addresses. Airdrops are primarily implemented as a way of gaining attention and new followers, resulting in a larger user-base and a wider disbursement of coins.

To play you need a cryptocurrency wallet

Cryptocurrency wallet a secure digital wallet that stores your crypto coins and tokens. Your public address is needed so we can send the currency to your wallet. After your receive it you can spend or exchange it for other cryptocurrencies.

Don't have a wallet yet? Go to one on these websites to create one:


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